Risk Management and Trading Methodology

Have your money at call and liquid while achieving above average returns.

1. Not more than a total of 2% of total funds under management will be at risk at any one time

Wealth Builder FX has very strict trading guidelines that our traders must adhere to. This includes only having a maximum of 1% to 2% of your account at risk at any one time.
Generally, we will  expose anything between 0.5% to 2.0% of our client accounts to any one trade. Stop Loss positions are also included in EVERY trade.

Only trades with a 2:1 or 3:1 minimum profit to risk ratio will be entered. These profit potentials are measured using our trading tools and methods. By keeping to these ratios, we are able to sustain a number of losing trades without having a negative impact on the overall fund account size or equity curve.

Our traders have a very well defined trading system that is based around proven support and resistance levels. Traders will adhere at all times to the Wealth Builder FX approved trading methodologies.
While trading, our traders take into account both fundamental economic data and news as well as technical analysis.

Generally, all funds will be either out of the market or risk free during major economic news events and announcements.

2. Traders will not be able to access your funds. They only have the ability to trade within an account

Your funds may be split across several traders. This allows the fund to maximise on the trading opportunities in the market and across the different time zones and various trader strategies.

Our traders are professional experienced traders with proven results.

3. Traders will only trade the major pairs

4. Traders will place trades in those markets that are stronger or are experiencing more volume on any given entry opportunity

i.e. those markets that represent the greatest potential for profit based on available technical data.

5. Wealth Builder FX is trading the currency or FOREX market with its carefully selected professional brokerage houses.

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